If You’re Interested in Starting a Lifestyle Business That Meets YOUR Needs... You Are In the RIGHT Place.
Discover a Unique Program Designed For Middle-Aged Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Looking to Fund Their Retirement Years with a Lifestyle Business
Meet Your Mentor... Charlie Alexander
Charles M. Alexander
A year 30+ year history of successfully owning, building, running and exiting 17 businesses spanning 8 different industries lead me to becoming an…
  • Innovative Business Leader with an impeccable track record of propelling growth and turnaround performance in small and mid-market companies across diverse industries. Strong financial and risk management acumen, and hands-on knowledge of team leadership principles were used to elevate performance in competitive environments, leading to the creation of multi-million dollar asset gains and building a $100M enterprise from start-up, with return on investment exceeding 170%.
  • Having the heart of a teacher and now in mid-life, I want to make that knowledge and experience available to as many people as possible for the lowest possible cost. This is why I have spent the last 3 years building this on-line, self-guided course for you. You can progress at your own pace and under your own control. No one will be pushing you to move quicker, I believe the best learning occurs when our mind is ready to absorb and our curiosity is peaked. As you will come to learn, I wholeheartedly embrace the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”
  • It is my passion and I am laser-beam focused on achieving my big, bold audacious Mission Statement…. “To measurably increase the success rate of ALL small U.S. businesses.” I hope you’ll join me in making my mission statement a reality.
"An impressive business acumen!"
"Charlie has an impressive business acumen, with the ability to quickly identify the ‘critical few’ details required to solve problems. He is direct and forthright while perceptive and persistent in pursuing fact based information. I found him generous, knowledgeable and very helpful in a recent discussion where we covered a number of business topics and strategy planning activities."
Marcia Olson
Marcia Olson
Technology Executive
"He exceeded far beyond what was thought possible!"
"I have had the opportunity to know Charlie for the last 5 years. I have seen him in multiple environments including as an entrepreneur, assisting a company revitalize its marketing campaign in a turn around situation, and stabilizing a company's internal operations to stop the bleeding and return to profitability. In each role, he exceeded far beyond what the individuals in those organizations as well as outside observers felt was possible."
Ralph Smith, Founder & Fractional CEO
Ralph Smith
Founder & Fractional CEO
Build Your Lifestyle Business With Confidence...
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I'll teach you the critical steps that virtually guarantee your success. Most newbie entrepreneurs never do them...
My Business Builder online course has over 50 video lessons with hands-on application exercises will walk you through step-by-step how to build your business RIGHT, from the start, to set yourself up for success from Day 1. Offered in video with downloadable MP3 audio and PDF transcripts, I make it easy for you to learn however and wherever you learn best.
(All materials are delivered online in digital format.)
Have a question or problem along the way? Get the right answers you need, when you need them...
My online Knowledge Center for Entrepreneurs features an Entrepreneurial Knowledge Base as well as a Live Forum for questions, answered by ME (Charlie) and other business experts from various industries. It's like having your own panel of business experts right at your fingertips!
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From a simple 'how-to' to in-depth business manuals, whitepapers, and case studies... it's all just a click away
I've compiled an extensive online resource library of over 400 business documents (and counting),  all indexed and searchable. Everything from articles to whitepapers, business manuals, presentations, case studies and templates from leading Ivy League Universities and many more. Easily find the information you need, when you need it, on ANY business topic.
Guidance from a seasoned expert in entrepreneurship... how much is THAT worth? 
Avoid the pitfalls that claim the majority of most start-ups! Having direct access to a business expert with a 30+ year proven track record of success in business and entrepreneurship means you save time, money, and frustration. Get it done right the FIRST time with me, Charlie, as your guide along the path to Entrepreneurial Freedom.
Charlie Alexander
"Passion, integrity, and dedication..."
Charlie is an exceptionally well-rounded businessman with extensive entrepreneurial experience. He has already demonstrated a nimbleness that has allowed him to successfully transition between wide-ranging industries. He is dedicated to teaching others what he has learned, and that desire shows through in his management style and interactions with clients and colleagues. Charlie continually challenges himself to continue learning and growing and I have no doubt that whatever endeavors he pursues in the future he will face head-on with passion, integrity, and dedication
Amanda (Denton) Manna, Head of Narrative & Partnerships, Lowe's Innovation Labs
Amanda (Denton) Manna
Head of Narrative & Partnerships, Lowe's Innovation Labs
"I highly recommend Charlie... "
"Charlie is one of the most forward thinking, entrepreneurial business owners I have had the opportunity to work with. He brings knowledge from his financial background as well as marketing and business development to implement into his business decisions. Charlie has also been willing to work with me to share some of his insight and experience to assist in my business development efforts. I would highly recommend Charlie due to his extensive knowledge, expertise, and willingness/eagerness to apply himself to assist in business development."
Justin Byars, V. President
Justin Byars
V. President
Here's What Your Membership Includes...
Online Course
with Application
A video library of more than 50 lessons on how to build your business right, from the start.  Learn everything from the ground up: selecting and setting up your business, launch, sustaining & growing, and even how to prosper through a planned exit strategy. Includes PDF and MP3 downloads to learn on the go, and application exercises to build your business as you go.
Knowledge Base
for Entrepreneurs
Have a question? Run into an obstacle along the way? Need advice or guidance?  Post your questions and get knowledgeable answers back from Charlie and our panel of Business Experts. Learn from  others' questions. Interact with other Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are at varying stages of their entrepreneurial journey.
Knowledge Center for Entrepreneurs
Get online access to an extensive searchable Resource Library for Entrepreneurs containing a vast array of case studies, whitepapers, working manuals, and templates for entrepreneurs from all walks of business. Covers all topics relating to business and entrepreneurship. Documents are fully indexed, searchable and downloadable.
Direct Access to Business Expertise
Need hands-on advice from a seasoned expert with a proven track record of success? Get direct access to Charlie Alexander, business expert who is passionate about entrepreneurship, has a 30+ year track record of proven success in 17 businesses across 8 industries, holds an MBA and JD Law Degree, and possesses the Heart of a Teacher. 
A Business Membership of This Caliber Would Normally Sell For $50,000...
  • Business Builder Online Course with Hands-On Application ................................................ valued at $15,000
  • Q&A Forum & Entrepreneurial Knowledge Base  ........................................................................ valued at $30,000
  • Business Resource Library & Knowledge Center ......................................................................... valued at $10,000
  • Direct Access to Charlie ......................................................................................................................... priceless!
That Comes to a Total Value of Well Over $55,000...
But MY Mission is to Help YOU
In my 30+ years in business, I've seen TOO MANY businesses fail when they didn't have to...  dreams dashed, souls crushed, hearts broken... simply due to a lack of understanding  of some very basic fundamental steps necessary to ensure success up front.
I've made it MY MISSION to get this information into the hands of as many aspiring entrepreneurs as possible for my remaining days on the planet... and “To measurably increase the success rate of ALL small U.S. businesses.”
So I'm Making My Program Available to You for a FRACTION of It's Value...
PLUS!... I'm Throwing in SIX Free Bonuses to Virtually GUARANTEE Your Success
My Live in Entrepreneurial Freedom Book (digital version)
My book walks you through the psychological process I have gone through before starting ANY of my businesses. It contains the exact process I use to determine whether or not to start a business… at all.
Until recently, this information was not available to anyone. Live in Entrepreneurial Freedom was derived from my personal ‘manual’ that I have used to guide me when starting many successful businesses.
(All materials are delivered online in digital format.)
My Live in Entrepreneurial Freedom Workbook... to apply what you learn and actually build your business as you go.
My workbook is the hands-on companion guide to the book and the online course. It reinforces the Key Concepts and Take Away from each lesson, and provides hands-on application exercises for you to apply what you're learning to your own start-up business. It's designed for you to actually build your business as you go.
(All materials are delivered online in digital format.)
A free online Advanced Entrepreneurial Assessement... so you'll know how best to set up your business for success... in alignment with your own unique entrepreneurial make up. 
(All materials are delivered online in digital format.)
Charlie Alexander
My monthly EntreTip Email Newsletter... to keep you up-to-date on the latest entrepreneurial trends & tips.
(All materials are delivered online in digital format.)
My free report for new entrepreneurs... 5 Things You Don't Know You Need to Know... Find out what they are before you start your business.
(All materials are delivered online in digital format.)
Charlie Alexander
My free whitepaper for Aspiring Business Owners... 100 Most Frequently Asked and Most Important Questions... answers to the questions you should be asking as you start your new venture.
(All materials are delivered online in digital format.)
There You Have It...

An Annual Membership to My Complete Live in Entrepreneurial Freedom Program
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Money-Back Guarantee Means No Risk For You!
If you want to learn from a 30-year successful entrepreneur with a proven track record and launch your first business with great certainty of success you don't want to miss out on this opportunity... But don't take our word for it...
Start your Risk Free program now and learn what it truly takes to succeed in Your First Business. Begin to Live a Life Of Entrepreneurial Freedom.

Take 30 days to look over our program for yourself. If you don't feel like we've delivered on our promises, we'll give you a full refund... no questions asked.
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